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Hardex Corporation Sdn Bhd
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HARDEX DEXEL VIGO FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL is an innovative lubricant technology which combination with high performance dispersant and detergent agents, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear and anti-oxidation additives, along with a viscosity index improver and foam suppression technologies. Providing exceptional film strength and outstanding oxidation resistance for excellent engine protection and superior performance. Its superb fluidity at low temperature and greater viscosity retention at extreme operating temperatures help to improve the overall system efficiency.


  • Contains anti-oxidants to prevent oil thickening
  • Prolongs the life of the oil between drain intervals
  • Excellent anti-wear protection to extend engine life
  • Improves fuel economy and excellent emission control
  • Flow easily at low temperatures, reducing wear and corrosion
  • Minimizes formation of sludge and varnish deposits keep engine clean

Hardex Dexel Vigo SAE 0W-20 4L

Hardex Dexel Vigo SAE 5W-20 4L

Hardex Dexel Vigo SAE 0W-30 4L

Hardex Dexel Vigo SAE 5W-30 4L

Hardex Dexel Vigo SAE 0W-40 4L

Hardex Dexel Vigo SAE 5W-40 1L


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